Nitrogen Generators

Maksimum performans ve kesintisiz Azot (nitrojen) üretilmesini sağlamak için tasarlanmıştır. PSA teknolojisi ile 0,5 – 2.100 Nm3/h kapasite aralığında %95 – %99,9999 (1 ppm) saflığa kadar azot (nitrojen) jeneratörleri üretmektedir.

Product Meta

Nitrojen Jeneratörü

It is designed to provide maximum performance and uninterrupted nitrogen production. It is produced with superior technology. It works with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process. The PSA type nitrogen generator produces nitrogen from compressed air. Nitrogen molecules, which make up 78% of the air, are separated from oxygen and argon by means of a substance called carbon molecular sieve (CMS) and pure nitrogen is obtained. It is produced with 100% Purity control technology.

Our nitrogen generators are unique design and superior technology. it uses less compressed air compared to other Nitrogen generators in the market. It produces more nitrogen in a sustainable, efficient and maximum purity. Operation and maintenance costs are very low. In addition to our nitrogen generators with the PSA principle, we also have solutions for cryogenic liquid nitrogen gas production systems.

Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

  • Long maintenance period
  • High quality equipment
  • Economical spare parts and service costs
  • Maintenance-free exhaust and valve systems

Features of Nitroplace Nitrogen Generators:

  • Produce your sustainable nitrogen energy yourself!
  • We produce nitrogen generators with a capacity range of 0.5 – 2.100 Nm3/h up to 95% – 99.999% (1 ppm) purity.
  • Our nitrogen generators allow you to produce high efficiency nitrogen with the purity level you need.
  • PSA technology ensures that you get the best return on your investment.
  • High purity rate is obtained with carbon molecular technology.
  • Nitrogen generators are produced according to the 24/7 working system.
  • Get rid of external dependence with minimal maintenance costs
  • Save money by getting rid of extra expenses.
  • You can produce your own nitrogen gas to eliminate filling and transfer costs.
  • Our nitrogen generators are designed for automatic start and automatic stop system.
  • It has the feature of automatic activation when nitrogen gas is needed in the facilities and automatic standby system activation when there is no need for gas.
  • It provides automatic start and stop according to nitrogen gas consumption.
  • It works according to the principle of automatic purity control with a long-lasting high quality zirconium dioxide sensor that constantly measures the gas purity.
  • Nitrogen gas is not delivered to the facilities before reaching the desired target purity value.
  • Nitrogen generators are delivered ready for use.


Our Advantages

  • Superior Siemens PLC
  • Touch Control Panel
  • 4” – 7” Color touchscreen
  • 7 different language options
  • +14 sensor inputs
  • Long life Zirconium dioxide sensor
  • Modbus/Profibus/RMB
  • Hubbox remote access, monitoring and data collection
  • IP55 protection standard
  • Long life pneumatic control valves
  • Dewpoint measurement at air intake automatic protection mode
  • Original Design

Low Coefficient of Air 

  • Premium quality CMS
  • Lowest air/gas factor
  • Air consumption as required
  • Nitrogen production at high flow rate with smaller capacity compressors
  • Economical nitrogen gas production with low energy consumption
  • We present nitrogen gas purification unit solutions with the help of hydrogen gas, which provides energy saving according to the needs.

Servis ve Bakım Sırasında Azot (Nitrojen) Jeneratörlerinin Durması İstenmeyen Proseslerde Yedekli Valf Sistemi 

  • Spare valve set
  • Uninterrupted production guarantee
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Easy control
  • Leak-proof valve connection
  • Trouble-free uninterrupted production with long-lasting and robust piston valves
  • Fittings and pipes stainless steel
  • There is a stainless steel filter system in the nitrogen generators where there are no problems such as clogging and explosion.

Used Industries:

  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Laser Cutting Industry
  • Additive Manufacturing 3d Laser Metal Printer DMLS Applications
  • Heat Treatment Industry
  • Wire and Cable Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Vegetable Oil Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Plastic Injection Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Facilities
  • Map Food Packaging Applications
  • Laser Welding Machines

Nitrogen Generators Installation Diagram

8 Bar Nitrogen Generators Installation

40 Bar Nitrogen Generators Installation Diagram

230 Bar Nitrogen Generators Installation Diagram

Produced with 100% Purity Control Technology.