Activated Carbon Towers

Nitroplace Activated carbon towers are designed to separate the oil vapor in the compressed air from the compressed air. There are flow distributor diffusers at the entrance and exit of the tower. It has been designed by paying attention to the equal and homogeneous distribution of the air flow of the activated carbon in the system.

Product Meta

There is oil vapor in the form of condensed or vapor due to leaked oil from the compressor system. Activated Carbon is one of the best materials used to solve air purification, water purification and oil problems all over the world.

Nitroplace developed activated carbon towers to separate oil vapors from compressed air. In order to ensure the perfect operation of the system, a special European-standard Oil Trap Filter is mounted at the tower entrance.

Special products can be produced according to your production needs.

Activated carbon towers should be used because high level air quality is needed in sectors that require high technology such as automotive, chemistry, plastic, paint, industry, medical, electronics, hospital, food and beverage, aluminum and metal.

Activated Carbon Towers provide oil-free and odorless compressed air by removing the oil and odor contained in the compressed air from the system. It has been designed and produced on the basis of sustainable efficiency.

We present solutions suitable for all kinds of needs with our activated carbon towers.

Our Advantages

  • Air Filter in accordance with European standards has been applied.
  • It has an automatic and reliable working system.
  • Maximum performance is provided with low power consumption.
  • It is equipped with a silencer at the outlet of the exhaust air to reduce the noise level.
  • Electronically operated discharge valves and special filters are integrated into the system to remove water, oil vapor and dust particles.

Features of Activated Carbon Towers: 

  • It removes oily odor and oil vapor in compressed air.
  • It provides less than 0.003 ppm oil mist at the outlet of the Activated Carbon tower.
  • It prevents the bearing from moving and carbon deterioration / contamination with its special design.
  • It is to show that the air is clean by measuring the oil flow with an optional oil gauge.
  • It is easy to install and assemble thanks to the self-supporting floor mounting.
  • It guarantees efficient and sustainable air purity thanks to high quality Activated carbon made in Germany.
  • Inlet air temperature range: 1.5 °C to 50 °C High pressure model can be designed according to your needs.

Activated Carbon Towers

  • -0Pmax :200 mbar.
  • Working Pressure :

For 16 bar models max. 16bar

For models with 40 bar pressure, max. 40 bars

  • Basınçlı Hava Akış Hızı :20 °C (1 bar serbest normal hava ISO1217)
  • Çıkış Yağ Konsantrasyonu :0,003 mg/m³
  • Hizmet Ömrü Maks..~ 8.000 saat 30 °C 4.000 saat 45 °C
  • Standart aksesuarlar:
  • Girişte:1 mikron yağ filtresi
  • Çıkış:1 mikron toz filtresi

Aktif Karbon Kule Filtre Modelleri