We are looking for passionate teammates to share our development and production goals.

As Nitroplace, our priority is always human. We continue to progress and grow with the contributions of developing new technologies, experienced workforce and our teammates who love their job.

We have been working with the sensitivity of improving the quality of life of the environment and humanity with the awareness of the work we have been doing since the day we were founded. We are strengthening this vision with our team mates who are constantly following new technologies and are open to development.

We consider being positive, innovative, participatory and creative as the basis of development; with this in mind, we focus on providing our employees with a business environment in this direction. Because we know that the business environment we have created provides our employees with the opportunity to develop in environmental and social issues at the same time as contributing to the individual and professional field.

In our business environment, we work with very valuable professionals, and we ensure that our young teammates also benefit from their professional experience.

We attach great importance to the Nitroplace family to be joined by new teammates who are highly excited, who can work on international platforms and who love teamwork.

It has always been our priority to meet and work with our employees, who are our biggest stakeholders who will carry our company to the future, who consider it a priority to do what is good for the world, who embrace our mission, touch people, and work with new teammates who match our values when creating our career policy.

How Do I Become a Nitroplace Employee?

Our recruitment policy is to bring potential and talented human resources to our company by using tools and techniques that will provide equal opportunities to candidates and allow them to be employed in the most correct way.

Her pozisyon için belirlenmiş yetkinlik ve temel bilgi/beceri setleri bulunmaktadır. İşe alım sürecinde, pozisyonun gerektirdiği nitelik ve yetkinliklerin adaydaki uygunluğu baz alınarak değerlendirme yapılmaktadır. Bu kapsamda ilgili pozisyonun niteliğine göre; çeşitli kaynaklardan ulaştığımız adaylar yine pozisyona göre belirlenmiş değerlendirme süreçlerine dahil olurlar.                                                                             

Competency-based interview techniques are used for each level in accordance with the defined Work Family Competencies. October English and general aptitude tests, case studies and evaluation center application are included in our evaluation process in addition to interviews, personality analysis according to the levels and needs of the positions. After the reference check, a job offer is made to our candidates whose interview processes have turned out to be positive.

In this whole process, our main goal is to recruit our teammates who are interested in the industrial sector, who are specialized in their work, who are highly sensitive to their environment and society, who are passionate about their work and believe in success together. Please send your resume  mailto:info@nitroplace.com send an e-mail to the address.